Hello! I’m Autumn, a 19 year old college grad from London. Having lived in the city for my whole life, I do enjoy taking a break from the rush and buzz of it all; by this I mean a little retail therapy, DIY face masks, cooking or simply sitting in a cosy café with my boyfriend for hours on end.. At the moment I’m on my gap year and have spent my time working, hibernating with my dog, reading tragic novels and watching sci-fi thrillers.

Oh, how exciting it’s all been(!).

Since leaving college I’ve settled for a job in fashion retail that leaves me with pretty much only the weekends off, in which time I discover my four main passions: food, fashion, beauty, and travel…laughing, loving, living and not taking myself too seriously(I try to break the rules but not the law).

In summary ‘The Weekend Juice’ is a summary of everything and everywhere that I love.

I hope you all have an awesome time reading my blog and that you enjoy the small parts of my life with which I share with you.

Autumn x



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