Day 29|31 Days of Self-Love&Mindfulness

Hey y’all, I hope you’re all well!

As you may or may not have known, I turned the terrible 20 this September and I definitely feel like It’s about time to move out of my dad’s house. He needs his space, as do I. However; I must admit a part of me has been questioning taking this massive step, which leads me on to today’s challenge question!

Will this choice propel me towards an inspiring future or will it keep me stuck in the past?

I feel as though when you live at home you’re very much so living in your past and living in the memories of childhood, not that there is anything wrong with that but as I am working on building a better future and achieving my goals, living for me and what I want in life and I truly do believe that Image result for leaving the nest gifmoving out will help me to speed up this process.

You may be wondering why and my answer is simply that living at home/having your kids stay at home is not for everyone.

Leaving the nest isn’t a moment in life that should be feared or put off by young people and living in the UK isn’t as expensive as people make it out to be..well it is expensive but it isn’t unmanageable, as long as you’re realistic with your location, property type and know how to budget, you’ll be fine! Besides, who wouldn’t want to be out there, living in their own(or shared) place, off their own back? Exploring the world, as an independent young man or woman!

So by the end of this year, I’m hoping to be completely moved out and moving onwards’n’upwards!

Image result for independent woman gif

Autumn xo (3)


7 thoughts on “Day 29|31 Days of Self-Love&Mindfulness

  1. mburablog says:

    Good for you. When I moved out to come to work to Dubai. I was happy that I will experience life outside home which is good and tough but it has taught me to work and be strong for me and my family too. At the same time I miss those family moments 😒but as long as we all fine, life goes on.

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