Day 26|31 Days of Self-Love&Mindfulness

wp-image-2042261616Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’ve all got your feet up or you’re reading this over a lovely cup of hot chocolate or tea, whatever you fancy.

As you may or may not have noticed, I didn’t post my challenge yesterday as I had no laptop and my phone kept freezing, which is annoying as hell. Which means that I’ve saved you aalll that rich content for today. Woohoo!

When was the last time you did something nice for someone?

The last time I did something nice for someone was actually last night. My SO was taking a nap while I went to see my sister(who lives nearby) and he woke up craving you do when you’re from London and there’s a chicken shop on nearly every street. On my way back from my sister’s house we both went to Tescos where I got him a 2 litre bottle of water(he loves water), a bar of mint flavoured Dairymilk Chocolate with pieces of Oreo(recommended by my sis) and then headed to the chicken shop for 8 chicken wings. When I got back he was thrilled to see the goods and finished the wings in about five minutes flat. I know that after all he is my boyfriend and being nice to him is part of the package but I still thought I’d tell y’all about it!

Also I’m sending a letter of congratulations to *someone I can’t name* because last night I was just thinking about how nobody really writes letters or send cards/postcards anymore, unless you’re sending to


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