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Hello there my lovely bloggers and readers, I hope you’re all having a wonderful friday and have a great weekend ahead planned.

As it goes I’ve been rummaging through all my make-up and finding products that I would like to review for you all this month. They will not all be crammed into one post as I’d like the review to be as thorough as possible, the others will be shared over the course of this month and I’m so SO excited!

If you like any of the products featured in this post you can click on any image to be directed to an online store.

TOPSHOP, Chameleon Glow Eyeshadow

I love how small and convenient individual eyeshadow lockets are, it makes travelling with make-up so much easier as you don’t have a huge palette stuck in your bag, you could quite literally put this locket in your pocket..(I’ll regret that later). Chameleon Glow is a Dual Pigmented eyeshadow, which basically just means it holds more than one colour. Now the thought of having more than one colour in an eyeshadow can be scary but not if they’re of the same tone, so with Chameleon you have nothing to worry about as the two different warm colours are brought together with a very fine rose gold coloured glitter, which gives a beautiful iridescent effect so from different angles the shadow appears more red or more gold,click on the caption to see the product in store. My favourite way to use Chameleon is on my eyes but I have used it as a highlighter and I’ve added it to my lips after lipstick for a dramatic highlight- to be honest the possibilities are endless with this one. Chameleon Glow is such a unique product of amazing quality, I think every make-up slayer needs this bad boy in their kit.

MAC Extra Dimension Skin Finish, Oh Darling

As some of you may know, I have already done a review on this product..

I’m all for trying new things and I am now able to say that I think £24.50 is a generous price considering how pigmented this highlighter is and the glowy finish it gives my skin. With one application I can use this highlighter for…Read More

…and I had nothing but praises to sing and since then; I’ve been on several nights out and

as you do, you bring products with you that you may need to ‘top up’ on, I used to bring my Oh Darling Highlighter. I say ‘used to bring’ -I don’t take my make-up out with me anymore because I can’t tell you how many times this product has been lobbed across the bathroom floor in attempts to drunk dance like the wild soul I think I am, or dropped in a sink full of sticky water but guess what? The highlighter is still in one piece! It did almost completely break when it fell out of my bag as I fell out of an Uber in Forest Hill(I wasn’t even drunk), but I managed to just put it back together and highlighter itself hasn’t even cracked. Honestly MAC did magical things with this highlighter and I’m not going to take that for granted. Guys keep your expensive highlighter safe and at home!

MAKE UP GALLERY, Contour Brush

Are you too much of a snob to go into Poundland(dollar store)? Well you shouldn’t be because it’s dirt cheap and decent quality or in the case of this product: amazing quality. All credit where it’s due to my sister for showing me this product because it’s just so so soft! Coming from someone who has never spent more than £7 on a brush, I feel like this is a steal..this brush is only £1! I haven’t tried any of the other Poundland make-up brushes but I am considering making a purchase and trying out a full kit from Make Up Gallery and letting you guys know how it goes.

That’s it for today guys, as always thank you for reading.

What products are you loving at the moment or have you used any of the products featured in this post? I love reading and responding to your comments so don’t be shy,

Autumn xo (3)


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