Yummy Coconut & Blueberry Overnight Oats

Hello and happy Thursday beautiful readers! Yaay, It’s finally Summertime so bring on the ice cold lemonade, hand held fans and the porridge! Yes, that’s right. Porridge. Regardless of it being 30°C outside, I still every now and then have a really strong craving for oats with almond milk, fruit and anything else you can throw in there. As you may or may not know; overnight oats are so easy to make as everything all goes straight into the jar/container, there’s no faffing around with bowls, making it awesome if you’re in a rush or just super lazy. Today I’m feeling pretty lazy so I’m sharing with you my favourite overnight oats recipe that literally has me springing out of bed and zooming to the kitchen in the morning. Here it is:

My C&B Overnight Oats

You Will Need:

  • 1 Cup of Oats
  • 1/2 or 3/4 cup of Almond Milk (Add more or less. I like my oats a little runny)
  • 2 Handfuls of Blueberries(if you have small hands like me)
  • 1 tsp of Vanilla Extract or 1tsp of honey
  • 2 Handfuls of Coconut Flakes (optional)
  • 5 squares of Dark Chocolate (optional)

Grab your jar or container of choice and add your dry oats, almond milk and vanilla extract. Wash your Blueberries and add those in too, along with the Coconut flakes. You could stir at this point to properly combine the flavours but I prefer for them to be in their own ‘categories’ for preparation.

When you have finished adding all the specified and/or extra ingredients you want to your oats. It is time for the ingredient I love the most in this entire recipe: The Dark Chocolate. You can break it up, smash it, grate it, melt it. Heck, do whatever you want with it!DSC00934

And there you have it, ‘Coconut & Blueberry Overnight Oats’. If you tried out this recipe or have a favourite overnight oats recipe that you’d like to share then please leave a comment down below. I would love to hear what everyone’s enjoying!

Autumn xo



10 thoughts on “Yummy Coconut & Blueberry Overnight Oats

  1. Dippy-Dotty Girl says:

    Hello there Autumn, I popped by your blog from Jordyn’s. This sounds delicious. I am a fan of overnight oats as a quick (not to mention, tasty) breakfast option. Apart from a blueberry and lemon combination, I love the one with shredded carrots which tastes like carrot cake and really who minds one of those 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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