10 Ways To Use Castor Oil

Helloo bloggers and readers, I hope everyone is having a lovely week so far and that the weather is gorgeous wherever you are. Summer has arrived early for us here in London and yesterday we actually had our hottest June day since 1976- good to know! However, in all this heat we don’t really want to cake our faces or we might be feeling uncomfortable about wearing outfits/bikinis that show scars or cellulite we’d rather not have on show. Well guess what? In this post I will be sharing with you ten ways that I’ve been using castor oil in the past year to combat these common dilemmas.

What The Hell Is Castor Oil?

So, Castor Oil comes from the Castorbean Plant that is indigenous to many tropical regions but mainly found in India, Eastern Africa and the South-Eastern Mediterranean. The Castorbean Plant produces the Castor seeds which in turn is where the Castor Oil we use comes from.

Okay..But Why Should I use It?

Well this rich vegetable oil contains an unsaturated fatty acid called ricinoleic acid which is incredible for conditioning, providing a protective barrier on the skin, boosting the immune system, fighting fungal infection, healing wounds and so much more but to spare you the boredom and narrow it down, here are the ten ways that I effectively use castor oil:


To Soften Lips

I put a dab of Castor Oil on my lips if I’m going out and I want a glossy look but don’t want the tacky lip gloss feeling. I also apply it as a lip masque at night to keep my lips hydrated because there’s nothing worse than waking up with dry, crusty lips and for the record I haven’t had chapped lips since I’ve started doing this!

A Mascara Replacement

If I would rather not wear mascara during the hotter days, I will use a spoolie or an old sterilised mascara wand to comb the Castor Oil through my lashes. I do also sometimes do this at night if I’ve been wearing Mascara during the day, just to hydrate those bad boys. Also guys, if you do this regularly you will see a massive difference in the health and length of your lashes. I saw a difference after about a week.

For Brow Growth

In my younger teen years I over plucked my eyebrows and they didn’t grow back evenly over the years. I started Combing a light amount of Castor Oil through my eyebrows everyday to try to improve the blood circulation in that area and ‘awaken’ the hair follicles. After about a month my eyebrows were growing back so thick and they look fab. I now only do it every week to condition and keep the hair growth in that area regulated.

To Lighten Scars

I used to apply Castor Oil to my stretch marks and acne scars(and to heal my un-professionally popped spots) and it did 100% fade my Acne scars but I would often forget to apply it to my stretch marks and still with the little application the scars got it definitely reduced the redness and made my stretch marks a lot less noticeable.

To Settle Eczema Itching

My eczema isn’t too bad as I do keep my skin hydrated 24/7. However, I do get the odd day when the eczema areas just. don’t. stop. itching. When I come across the most annoying and painful itch I rub some Castor Oil on it and the itch and inflammation soon settles down.

To Relieve Constipation

I haven’t needed to use Castor Oil in this way too often but when I have, I swallow a tablespoon of the rich oil and I usually pass within two hours (Sorry for TMI).

To Aid My Oven Burns

Like most of us who enjoy experimenting in the kitchen I add a new burn to my collection maybe every week or so and I won’t feel it too badly at first but to avoid that horrid sting later I will apply some Castor Oil to the burn and yes it does tingle at first but it hurts far less than it would without and the oil also helps speed up the healing process.

Healthy Nails

While using Castor Oil for any of the above or below, I will dab my finger in the oil and rub it into my cuticles and nails, which helps to strengthen and protect your nails. You can also push back your cuticles or moisturise your hands with the oil and it will have exactly the same benefits.

Baby Feet

TOES TOES TOEEEEES! My favourite part of my beauty regime is ‘The Feet’ I’m not sure why, I think it’s probably because your feet are your roots. It’s what roots you to the ground and your feet take you places.. Enough of the root talk; after a lovely foot soak with only warm water, Castor Oil and fresh lavender I will then massage the Castor Oil directly to the bottoms of my feet and to the toes to make pushing the cuticles back easier and safer as the skin will be softer. BEST. PEDICURE. EVER.

¡Adios Cellulite!

The Ricinoleic Acid In Castor Oil helps to increase circulation and supports the lymphatic system which both in turn will help to reduce cellulite. However, I do suggest consuming castor oil daily and experimenting with different massaging techniques using Castor Oil as the main oil. After a few months of massaging Castor Oil with my hands and dry brushes my cellulite is gone, gone, gone!

Thanks for reading, please like and don’t be shy to leave a comment if you’ve used Castor Oil yourself or if you swear by any other oil!

Autumn xo





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