Monday Motivation!

Happy Monday everyone!

I thought I’d start the week off with something motivational for all of you lovelies out there who, just like me, are not exactly bursting with excitement when thinking of the week ahead. Here’s a few things that I will be doing this evening to relax, motivate and stay focused,

‘Log Off’

The first thing I will do is some yoga and the child’s pose is where I spend the most amount of time as my hips and back is where I hold a lot of my tension on days like this. However, doing some sort of flow or meditation would be great to start unwinding yourself and just ‘logging off’ so to speak.


Planning While You Brew

Go to the kitchen and make your favourite herbal tea (for relaxation I recommend jasmine or chamomile), while it’s brewing grab your journal, plonk yourself down somewhere and start planning out your week ahead; any up and coming events, outings and birthdays. Next I also like to just write down my highlights from the day or anything that I was able to appreciate a lot e.g seeing my family. The final part of my planning usually entails me writing down a goal for each day e.g stay away from negative people and emotions.

Bathe Like A Roman

Now, like any other woman I know, I enjoy my bath’s hot. Not scolding but hot enough that your husband/SO can’t bear to be in it (mwahahaha). ‘Bath time’ is when I do any treatment/facials, I cleanse my face before getting in the hot bath and then let the steam get to my face, following with exfoliation, buffing and toning(out of the bath). Don’t forget to add some energising pink himalayan salt to your soak and you’re good to go!

Don’t Binge, Just Watch

Light some incense and curl up to a film or series of your choice. If you decide on a series then give yourself a set amount of episodes to watch, you don’t want to be there all night! Alternatively if you prefer to stay away from electronics devices towards the end of the day, you could read something.


As the last part of motivating ourselves for the week ahead and life, we must remember that every day is full of new opportunities and new experiences and that in all our life we’ve not had a single day that’s been exactly the same as any other. Passing on positive energy to others will create positivity within you and well we all know how karma works, do your best!

Thank you for reading, have a great week everyone!

Autumn xo






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