Binge Watching 

Happy Tuesday everyoneee!

It was such a beautiful morning here in London and a part of me would have loved to go and enjoy it out in the sun but a bigger part of me wanted to stay at home in my comfortable clothes, watching my favourite series. So that’s what I diiid and I’m going to share it all with you guys!

Today I binge watched a series that is a favourite for me: ‘The Last Kingdom’. ‘The Last Kingdom’ is British, historical drama that was first released back in 2015. So far there are only two series and 13 episodes that run for about 60 I only managed to watch 5 episodes before I got a migraine.

Without giving anything away The Last Kingdom is a story that follows the life of a warrior named Uhtred who was born a Saxon, however after tragically witnessing the murder of his father and then being taken captive by Earl Ragnar (Danish Warlord) he would grow up as a Dane – Uhtred’s customs were far from those of a typical Saxon. Uhtred becomes a fearsome warrior and also a very loyal, wise and strong-willed man who seems to have the worst luck when it comes to keeping his loved ones alive. That’s a very brief synopsis of ‘The Last Kingdom’ for ya!

I really hope some of you check it out, it’s an awesome series that is just jam packed with emotion, action and Danes. If you liked Vikings then you’ll probably thoroughly enjoy ‘The Last Kingdom’.
Autumn xo


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