Final Weight Gain Update Week #6

Hello everyone! I am over the moon to be able to say that I’ve reached my target weight and I am now a comfortable 60kg at 5’5″.

LW Weight: 58.8kg

Current Weight: 60.3kg

I never imagined I’d see the day that I got to 60Kg, I genuinely thought I stay at 52-53Kg, I am so proud of myself for keeping at it and just not giving up. Along this journey a lot of people would tell me that there was no need or they wouldn’t be able to understand that gaining weight can actually be difficult for some people and if anyone comes across this sort of situation you should take the time to help them understand why some people may struggle to gain weight, they’ll thank you later.

If you are thinking about gaining weight or losing it even, I definitely recommend posting frequent updates somewhere or even just writing a document to yourself every week or so in addition to keeping tabs on what exactly you are eating and how much. I know that posting updates weekly made me more determined to increase my weight that week so that I had something to share or to write about, also for myself but that added motivation really did help.

And to conclude this series I will be posting a bunch of recipes, reviews and a whole load of other fun stuff and I will try to find a before and after shot of my body. However, this week is a busy working week for me so please do bare with and sit tight.

To everyone who read my weight gain updates thank you so much and I’m sending a virtual hug to you!

Lots of love,

Autumn xo




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