Weight Gain Update Week #4 |The Pigging Pays Off!

Hola everyone and welcome to week #4 of my weight gain update! I hope you are all well and feeling productive today, if not then make yourself a cuppa’ and put your feet up..

I’m so so soo excited to be doing this update and I am starting to feel this unfamiliar sensation of pride in how hard I’ve worked for this (more like how much of a pig I’ve been). For those of you who may not have read my previous posts: I was 53kg at 5’5″ which is the low spectrum for my height and my health wasn’t the greatest. I did not have an eating disorder, I just didn’t see the need for food if I wasn’t hungry but the thing is is that I was hardly ever hungry which = notsogreathealth. And without further ado, let’s round up last week:

Week #4

LW Weight: 56Kg

Current Weight: 58.6Kg

YES! 58Kg and I feel like a total badass. Last week my scales broke so I needed to get new ones. When I did I hopped straight onto them and I think I came up to 57.2 (this would have been week #3 weight). Last week was fairly easy although I was skeptical as to how tough it would be as halfway through I’d finished all of my calorie shake powder. However, I actually found it easier to achieve my daily calorie goal without including the shake. As I have gained weight I did increase my calorie goal when last week to 2621 calories to ensure that I still gain weight and not just remain the same.

I have also noticed that some of my old jeans don’t fit anymore or are super tight around the hip area..a not so great result but oh well!

Here’s what I’ve typically been eating this week:

Breakfast: Two slices of seeded bread with peanut butter or a Berry Breakfast Muffin with Milk and a bowl of porridge with golden syrup or honey.

Snack: A banana and a bowl of cereal.

Lunch: Chicken, rice and bean burrito or a cup of beef dumpling stew.

Snack: Shortbread or fruit

Dinner: Macaroni and Cheese with crunchy tortillas.

Supper: Marmite with grilled cheese on seeded bread.

As you can see, I haven’t been cramming in looadss of food (although it does feel like it!) but I’m eating enough to satisfy my calorie goals and that’s all that matters!

Last week I wasn’t able to post the rest of the recipes as I had a few problems with my internet and buying my groceries as I lost my card. SOOO if my internet can keep up, this week will be jam-packed with recipes from me to you. They’re not incredibly exciting but it’s just a few foods that I’ve been making to get those calories!

As usual, thank you for reading. I really enjoy sharing my progress on here and I hope to have even more for my ‘WEEK #5 WEIGHT GAIN UPDATE’!

Autumn xo


Before gaining a considerable amount of weight you should speak to your local GP or nutritionist first.








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