My Weight Gain Journey!

Happy Saturday y’all! The weekend is here, and once again I am super SUPER excited to say that today I will be sharing something with you all..something quite personal. It’s not a huge deal but it’s just something that not everyone who knows me will have the knowledge of. I genuinely don’t know how to introduce this topic so I’m just going to jump-on-in.


In my early teens I was quite chubby,  from the belly button upwards and did not appreciate my body whatsoever. I obviously wanted to change the way I looked and did so I through pilates, yoga and P.E at school, although my weight did not change. About 2 years later my diet changed and I was getting fuller quicker, I lost 10kg and thought nothing of it. However, I did not realise that the amount I was eating wasn’t enough because I would literally eat until I was full up so everything felt OK…BUT  I had terrible migraines, break outs and something just didn’t feel right. January 2017, this is when I did my research to see how much on average I should be eating and I downloaded one of those apps that you count calories and macros and all that funky stuff. After a week of using the app I was astonished to see that I was only consuming 1,500 calories per day on average and needed to change that ASAP with the hopes that it would be the answer to most of my health issues that I have…and so here I am today.

Although I have been trying to increase my calorie consumption since the start of 2017, I did not have a clue of  what I was doing and was basically experimenting with how many meals I can fit into one day and how much food it took to make me feel like Jabba the Hutt. Now I feel as though I am a lot more motivated and familiar enough with the routine of fitting in meals around work to finally start some sort of journey and make some real progress(without terrible bloating)!

I weigh 53kg and I’m 5.5″, I was consuming about 1,500 calories a day and now I am trying to get 1000 calories more, which I spread out into three fairly large meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) and I am hoping to be putting on 0.5kg a week.

I want this series to be a learning curve for me and for anyone who is interested in weight gain and so that I can have something to look back on.

This Ain’t Gon’ Be Pretty!

What you can expect:

  • High Calorie Recipes and Snacks
  • Motivation
  • Fitness Routines
  • Weekly Updates-Starting next weekend

Look out next friday-saturday for the first of my weekly update!

Autumn xo



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