HWD/Hair Washing Day+Aphogee Review

Hello my lovelies and yes- I’m ready for the weekeeeend! I haven’t got anything at all planned so I’m just going to see how this one works out on it’s own..go with the flow.

Saturday is generally speaking, my only opportunity to wash my hair and do a treatment of my choice. And I have wanted to share my hair washing routine with you from the up-and-go of this blog but because my hair and head are both inhumanely large, I wasn’t sure how I would be able to take pictures etc…BUT I DID!

So here we go:wp-1487443493014.jpg

To start with I de-tangle my hair using coconut oil and warm water. Whenever you’re de-tangling your curly hair you should always section it up to
ensure that all of your hair is knot free and moisturised.

When I have de-tangled and moisturised all of my hair, I then go in (with dry hands) and massage my scalp for about 3 minutes. The reason why I do this, is to loosen up some of the build-up and to ‘wake up’my scalp so to speak. WARNING: Scalp massages are incredibly relaxing so STAY AWAKE.


Neeext I rinse my hair in warm water and get all the excess oil out and I then begin shampooing using ‘GroHealhty-Nothing wp-1487443788504.jpgbut clarifying Shampoo ‘. To make the job easier I section my hair into two space buns and
start the process of shampooing, massaging the scalp and rinsing thoroughly. I repeat this process until there is no more build-up on my scalp and no suds in the bottom of the bath. This is then repeated on the other section of hair.


Usually I would then straight away go in with conditioner, rinse and then apply a leave-in. However, today I am using the Aphogee 2 step protein treatment that starts after shampooing.

I towel dried my hair and applied the protein treatment in sections, until my entire head of hair wp-1487443492987.jpgwas as saturated as I could get it without using the entire bottle..If you have used this before: Are you supposed to use the entire bottle? Idk.

The instructions say to ‘sit under a heat hood, or use a blow dryer’ but to ‘NOT cover or agitate your hair’. Soo I just sat an arm’s length away from the blow dryer.

When the protein treatment has worked its magic,  your hair will feel dry and crispy like noodles. This is when you need to rinse your hair through and get out all of the excess protein. It is now time to condition and the instructions say to ‘apply a liberal amount’ but  I completely covered my head with the ‘Balancing Moisturiser’ as my hair felt stiff after the treatment.

I left the conditioner/moisturiser on for a little over 2 minutes and then rinsed it aaall out! at this point I was ready to just get out of the bathroom, be done with my hair and never return to that place again(I’d been in there for at least an hour and a half ).

Right, we’re nearly there ..

Now that my hair is cleaned and treated, I apply my ‘mixed chicks’ leave-in conditioner all over my hair and let it air dry.

I must say, I did not expect these results. I have a lot of hair and it is very thick but it is curly and frizzy as I used to regularly straighten it which resulted in: damage(the frizz). However, before applying my leave-in I noticed that some of my curls had been restored and everything was so much more defined, after a few more uses of the protein treatment my hair will look 1000x better.

I love with this treatment as it is so so effective and completely budget friendly, I’d definitely recommend it!

Thanks for reading,

Autumn xo


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