Four Cities I’d Love To Visit This Year!

It’s February and I’m absolutely dying to get out of London/ the UK. The other half and myself have been trying to plan out our holidays for this year and we’ve managed to narrow down our list to just five destinations, which I thought I’d share with you all!

So let’s goo!

Croatia, Dubrovnik

Image result for dubrovnikFirst on this list has to be Croatia’s city of Dubrovnik! My sister travelled there a few years ago..or last year?- and I heard nothing but good things. Stunning blue waters, renaissance architecture, good food and lovely people. Things to do include; taking a walk through the old town, visiting the Franciscan Monastery, sunbathe on a beautiful sandy beach of your choice or taking a wine tour around Dubrovnik!

Corfu Island

Image result for corfuOur runner up is the mountainous island, located off of the north-west coast of Greece. Corfu has earns it’s place on our list simply because it is so..damn..GREEN- thanks to the torrential rains that fall through the Autumn, Winter and Spring. The island is home to Kérkyra Old Town the ideal spot for strolling(my favourite holiday activity) and in the more remote areas, Corfiot villagers hold a celebration of the summer-and-autumn panigýria (religious festivals/fairs), where there is live music and village stalls.

Montenegro, Kotor

Image result for montenegro kotor‘A slice of Adriatic heaven’, the town of Kotor is living history wedged between the rough limestone cliffs of Mt Lovcen and floats on the bay of Boka Kotorska. What attracted us to the town are the medieval museums, cafés, a bustling town square, palaces and cathedrals that we saw pictures and reviews of on their national board visit-Montenegro. The only downfall for us was that Kotor obviously does not have a beach which is what we are looking for, nonetheless an incredible destination.

Sicily, Palermo!!

Image result for sicily palermoTHE MOST BREATHTAKING ISLAND OF THE MEDITERRANEAN and no I’m not saying this just because I’m part Sicilian..well maybe I am, but SO WHAT? Sicily is a must for us as it just ticks aaall of the boxes: beaches-*tick*, good weather-*tick*, known for historical sites and grand architecture-*tick*, good cafés-*TICK*.  Things to do in Palermo; Visit the Piazza Marina nature reserve, witness the beauty of Cattedrale di Palermo , haggle al Mercato Ballaro or simply unwind in a café of your choice.


As usual, thank you so much for reading, be sure to like and comment if you’re thinking of going on holiday this year, I would love love loovee to hear about it!



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