Lala Land Review!-Short and Sweet

As you may or may not know, I went to see ‘Lala Land’, the film that everyone has been speaking about and all your friends are dying to see. If you do not know what ‘Lala Land’ is it’s a musical drama written and directed by Damien Chazelle, starring the talented Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone as the award winning lead roles .

‘Lala Land’ is set in Los Angeles and follows the lives of  Mia (Emma Stone) a barista and aspiring actress who is trying to get her ‘big break’ and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), a less than successful jazz pianist. The plot is a story of the two struggling to get to a satisfactory stage in life but who also continuously find their paths crossing throughout the film. Eventually we see Seb and Mia in a somewhat ‘puppy love’ relationship filled with song and dance..literally. However, that soon leads to Mia and Sebastian being wrapped up in their own dreams and aspiring for their own, very separate career paths. My quick summary of the plot is far far simpler and duller than what you actually see, as many of the scenes are cross-cutted and obviously performed in song

Chazelle’s creativity brings all of the scenes together using sophisticated and complex dynamics with 50’s vibe elements that most 2016 directors would use during an onstage production. The aesthetics and performance of the scenes engulfed me to the point where I often found myself forgetting that I was in a cinema. In my opinion, this is what makes the movie so award winning otherwise it would have been quite cheesy (although I do love a bit of cheese) and cliché. Overall ‘Lala Land’ is a vibrant, soul awakening film that will keep you engaged for all of 128 minutes. ‘Lala Land’ is a 12A although I wouldn’t recommend it to under 14’s as they may find it boring and “long”.. Take your mum, take your friends, my boyfriend took me and I can’t thank him enough.

‘Lala Land’ has been correctly nominated for 14 Oscars and I can say that it is completely and utterly deserved.

Autumn  x o


To read more about the nominations

To book tickets or read more on ‘Lala Land’


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