My January Favourites!

Hello my lovelies!

Have you all enjoyed your friday-saturday? I hope you have..

For today’s post -as it is the last week of january- I’m going to share with you my favourites of this month, with the hopes that you will try out some of the products that I use! In this post I will be covering make up, body and hair and leaving links to as many products as I can, amuse-toi bien(let’s hope that’s right)!

Girl You Got That Body!

F R A N K   B O D Y   S C R U B

I have been waiting months to be able to do this review properly and now I can officially say that Frank Body Scrub is A-mazing! Honestly this is the best way to exfoliate your skin without having to worry about dry skin. Dry skin for me is something I am always concerned about as my legs are super hard to keep moisturized after exfoliating. However, with Frank Body Scrub I don’t have to worry about that at all as the vitamin E and cold-pressed almond oil does most of the job for me!

I use the Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub but they have many other variations of the scrub such as peppermint and coconut.

Also just so you know it says to use regularly..I don’t as I’m sure that’s just so you buy more of it because it’s such a great exfoliant there really isn’t a need to use it that often. Mine has lasted me a year!




O V E R   T H E  M O O N  A B O U T …

For christmas my aunties got me this ‘ Over The Moon About…’ Selection box and there isn’t one thing in this that doesn’t smell like a holiday. More specifically, there’s a shower gel that is part of the gift set, it is ‘mandarin and patchouli’ infused…wow, just wow. I enter the bathroom smelling like a walking armpit and I leave smelling like your fantasy! DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS ONE!










Your Face Says It All

S O A P & G L O R Y – ‘A   B R U S H  W I T H  G R E A T N E S S’

I actually purchased this on a wild goose hunt with a colleague of mine for a normal plane jane exfoliating brush. I looked almost everywhere and they were all sold out…until I walked through the security gates of the white kingdom: ‘Boots’ and found what has now become my favourite cleansing tool that I am yet to own!

It is small, super effective and helps to get the days worth of oil/dirt out of those pores!







L U S H – C O A L F A C E  C L E A N S I N G  S O A P

I’ve been using this soap twice daily for 4 months(I got 100g)..and it’s still a handful of soap, not like a little slither that slips between your finger tips. Sandalwood is the main aroma of this soap and leaves your face smelling incredible and feeling baby-soft.  Charcoal is my favourite cleansing ingredient as it helps to absorb the excess oils on your face and to also sooth inflammation. Another superb ingredient in this soap is Rosewood Oil, which fights off the nasties with it’s strong anti-septic properties.

There are also small bits of powdered charcoal that lightly exfoliate your face, you hardly feel them but you can see the difference it makes to your skin.






B O O T S  T R A D I T I O N A L – G L Y C E R I N  & R O S E W A T E R

This is a moisturising toner that I use after cleansing or before a facemask. I apply the water using a cotton pad as you would with other facial water. I’ve tried  other toners such as rosewater alone and Nivea’s moisturising toner but nothing seems to do the trick in balancing my skin while moisturising. This is a great buy with a great price!Image result for glycerin and rosewater boots


Do You Make It Up As You Go Along?

R I M M E L  LO N D O N – W A K E  ME  U P  F O U N D A T I O N

I’ve recently changed foundations after a long long while that probably shouldn’t have been so long! And this foundation is perfect for me. It’s light but you can build up to full coverage. This is a NO CAKE foundation that makes my skin appear slightly dewy and post-holiday standard, it is also long lasting which is a fabulousss pro!

There’s also a 3 For 2 Deal on FeelUnique ATM, by clicking the caption it takes you to the product site.






B E N E F I T –  E R A S E  P A S T E

It is pricey but every penny is worth it, I promise!

Only the tiniest bit of this concealer is needed on a brush in order to get enough coverage to conceal my under-eye circles and brighten it up. This is my second pot this year, as it is my favourite concealer and the darkest shade is perfect for my skin tone. I haven’t found a similar one anywhere else. I LOVE THIS!










S L E E K  –  S O L S T I C E  H I G H L I G H T I N G  P A L E T T E

This is my favourite “drug-store” highlighter ATM. The pigment in these shades are amazing and the highlight is POPPIN’ I actually use this after applying a few dabs of Benefit High Beam Luminescent Complexion Enhancer and the two combined just gives an amazing finish to any make-up look.








I hope you had a good read and perhaps try out some of the featured products..

lots of love,

Autumn xo




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