If you’ve read my last post, you would know that on saturday I took a trip to IKEA, the land of well..everything. And since this is a subject that I am quite passionate about, I am going to share what I got with you all!

Aren’t you the lucky ones (!).

After what was made a long drive (thanks to the traffic)we arrived at IKEA and charged in on a mission for storage boxes and left with.. a little more than just storage boxes, as any normal human being would do when faced with temptation of course. Ah well c’est la vie, let’s get started shall we?

Storage Using: FJÄLLA, SVIRA and KUGGIS

My bedroom now has a lot more space as I’ve recently replaced my double bed frame and mattress with a single mattress. However,my storage was put under my old bed as this was a great hiding place for it all hehe. This soon became a problem once I had gotten rid of it as I then had absolutely nowhere to hide it all! Which is why I needed some storage boxes, that would almost be a part of the furniture and blend in with my room a lot easier than a 4 ft, almost ripped to shreds-christmas gift bag.

The FJÄLLA off-white  box is made completely out of cardboard and comes flat packed, ready for you to assemble. It is super easy and it is perfect for storing all of my letters and any small pieces of paper I need to keep hold of.

I use the SVIRA box to store the beauty products that I use most often or things I haven’t tried yet. This is size 24x39x16 but I’ve managed to fit so much in there and there’s still room for more.


KUGGIS boxes are perfect for your bathroom, kitchen or bedroom, it all just depends on how you use them. They’re made from plastic thus featuring a glossy finish and have an awesome lid that can also double as a tray. When I first saw these I only wanted the lid but for £2.50 I may as well get the whole damn thing!

I keep these boxes next to my bed and I’ve filled them with accessories(the top box) and plugs(the second box). I’ve taken off the lid of the second box and I use it on my TV unit as a sort of vanity tray.

Other Bits and Bobs

I did not even need this RANARP lamp but for £16(reduction) I HAD TO. This work lamp is simple and beautiful, it would look great in a living room or bedroom with any theme that doesn’t involve metallics or metallics other than brass or gold. It was easy to unpack and put together, it took me less than 5 minutes, which is amazing considering my cat wanted to fight me at the exact same time. I think my plant is going to die..















The moment I saw these LJUSOGA bed sheets I just fell in love with the print. Dainty, floral prints are perfect for this time of year, especially when paired with a ‘fresh linen’ scented candle near the bedside, ahhh the thought of the combination just sends me to another planet! The fitted white sheet was on offer for £4 from £9 and so I purchased it solely for the reduction. I really don’t take great pleasure in dishing out money on something I could get a lot cheaper. Good quality items CAN be affordable on a budget.


To go with the bed sheets, I picked up another GURLI blanket. This is actually the white/beige version of the blanket featured in Ain’t Nothing Wrong With Lazing About! I cannot get enough of’em!






This “Dragon Tree” or Dracaena Marginata is so damn cool(so cool that I named him levi(I name all of my plants) and the vibrant green is just amazing against the pale duck egg IMO. It is a very low maintenance plant which I guess kind of defeats the point of having plants in your room. However, it was much needed to fill the empty space in the corner.

I also wrapped my copper wire fairy lights around  the pot and tree because..at the moment I don’t have anywhere else to put them. I hope I find somewhere soon!









SO that’s my IKEA haul over, I hope you enjoyed nosing about. If you could like, comment, follow..stalk me all that shiz! That would be huge support and I’ll love you forever!

Autumn   xo





5 thoughts on “IKEA! IKEA!

  1. Tracy - The Feminine Code says:

    Loved this post! Full of inspiration for my bedroom spring makeover. I think I need to make a trip to IKEA tomorrow 🙂


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