My Goals For 2017!

Heyy! Hope y’all had a great saturday and ventured out to enjoy the freezing cold weather. I spent my day in Ikea(my favourite place in the world). Ahh, I do love being in a maze of a never-ending building that’s designed to look like a house but from 12 o’clock onwards is actually a death-trap.


Today, my dad and I got into a very deep conversation about our goals in life and how we can so easily reach our goals without realising it and without even giving ourselves credit for it. I kind of missed the ‘new years resolution’ thing so I wanted to write some small goals in a post, right here and right now.

It is important to try to make a habit out of making and achieving small goals and to also congratulate yourself when you do achieve them. Sometimes, your goals aren’t achieved due to their vagueness. Here’s a list of general things to follow  that will help create your best quality SPOT ON goals, they’re called SMART goals:

Specific to you and what you want the overall end result to be.

Measurable, is there a way for you to measure the progress? e.g I ran 1 mile more than I did last week. This van help a lot for fitness, health, financial and career based goals.

Achievable goals are needed in order to progress. Giving yourself a list of goals that are out of your depth will only put you down and lower your confidence towards achieving. Instead if you give yourself a set of smaller goals, you will achieve more.

Realistic. What you want to gain overall from achieving your goals must be realistic or you’re just wasting your own time. Small goals will help you gradually get to bigger and bigger successes.

Time framing your goals will encourage you to do so much more, as you will see how easy it is and how good it feels to make so many small achievements so often. Time framing will also help encourage even more motivation and self-discipline.

…So lets do this!!

My Goals For 2017

  1. Be healthier – eat more of what’s good for me and a lot less of what’s bad for me. Following Tess Ward’s ‘The Naked Diet’ for my meals.
  2. Adventurousness.. – This year I am planning to BE adventurous, EAT adventurous and READ adventurous.
  3. Be more selfless – Meditating has become part of my daily routine. Hopefully, by the end of 2017 I will ‘come out the other side’ a more calm and caring person..that means not getting annoyed when someone leaves the bath dirty or nearly being run over because a cyclist decides that there’s not enough bloodshed on pedestrian crossings*calms down*.
  4. Find a hobby and stick to it! – For pretty much my entire life, I have been in and out of hobbies. I get bored too easily but this year I would like to find something and stick to it. Blogging could be that thing, who knows..
  5. Give my dad a birthday to remember – My dad has requested that he has a very special birthday this year. And since he is my favourite person in the whole world. I am 100% dedicated to giving him nothing but the best celebration!
  6. Exercise outside more – Honestly this is just because exercising inside seems so much more convenient. However, by the end of 2017 I would like running or hiking outsideto be something I engage in 1-3 times a week.
  7. Learn a language – I’m a lover of languages and this year, I would like to learn a new one and stay in the country of its origin for a while.

At the end of 2017, I will hopefully be able to look back at this post and know that I have achieved aaaalll of this and then some. I wish everyone the best of luck with their personal goals for 2017, I’ll be over the moon to read of yours in the comments below!

Autumn  x


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