Ain’t Nothing Wrong With Lazing About!

Happy saturday! I hope you all had a lovely time doing …stuff- or maybe not? Maybe you just stayed in and put your feet up, if you did absolutely nothing work related with your day then give me a hi5 because IT HAPPENS! Sometimes we need a day to just relax , rejuvenate and forget about ‘responsibilities’ pff, what does that word even mean? I’m not saying you should spend all of your day in bed (unless you’re ill), get up and do stuff all you need to effortlessly do is dress as laid back as you possibly can. Wear whatever you want, PJs? Wear it. Underwear? Wear it. Let’s go neked? DO IT. Wear and do whatever feeels riiiighhht.

Anywho! I’d love to share with you some of the bits and bobs that just help me to ‘sloth out’ sooooo here they are!

Comfortable bottoms

These leggings are from H&M basics £5.99

I think people underestimate the power of eating pants. When I take my jeans off and put these bad boys on -honey, I feel like i ain’t wearin’ no pants! I’d definitely recommend Hollister’s fleece lined leggings. They are heaven for the colder lazy days.

Thick socks

Personally this is an everyday essential for me as I have poor blood circulation in my feet. However, for those of you who do not usually wear thick or fluffy socks; you can pretty much buy them from any shop that sells clothes, even poundland. The ones I’m wearing in this photo are from Primark and came in a pack of two, this colour and plain pink coloured ones. Overall the socks just keep your feet snug and warm…and they look pretty. My favourite fluffy socks are the animal themed ones, next have the cutest bunny rabbit pair that comes in a pack of two.

Your favourite blanket

GURLI throw from IKEA £5.50

I am a seriously cold person (in terms of temperature) so I basically walk around wrapped in my blankets, yes that was plural. I keep one in my bedroom and one downstairs as I share the one downstairs with my mum. Also you could try to build a fort with your blankets

Dim lighting


Having dim and soft lighting will be a lot easier on your eyes thus making a quick nap a lot more likely. Fairy lights are a great way to achieve this type of lighting but table/floor lamps are also a great alternative. My fairy lights are from my sister who I think got them from primark, the lights are attached to a copper wire that makes it easy to bend into shape. Soft lighting just enhances shadows and fills everything else with an orange or white haze.

IKEA have some gorgeous indoor lighting:

Snaaaacks(cheat day)

Cheerios are my favourite cereal and this new cheerio hoops plus cinnamon flakes combination is simply amazing(even better with added honey). GO AND BUY THESE!

These Hula Hoops specials are so damn cheesy I just can’t say no. I would recommend dipping these in a fresh garlic and herb sauce.
Popcorn is a must for any lazy day of mine. I just use microwave popcorn or heat up some of my own in a pan (I’ll make a post including this soon!). If you want to spice up your microwave popcorn quickly, when it’s finished in the microwave grind some pepper corns/nutmeg, sprinkle some parmesan/cinnamon over the popcorn still in its microwavable bag. Then shake! shake! shake!

My disney themed hot chocolate!! I named this one Megara after Meg from Hercules, simply because I use Nutmeg as one of the main ingredients (the recipe for this will also soon be posted).

Favourite series/movie

At the moment I’ve been watching Once Upon a Time, Westworld and also re-watching Game of Thrones.

THAT’S IT! I hope you try out some of the things I mentioned, if you do let me know in the comments and be sure to like this post!

Autumn x


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